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Today I was walking around the streets of Union Square when I decided to walk into Urban Outfitters.  I have a Holga camera and thought that I’d buy some more film for it, which Urban O conveniently sells at the front of the store.  However, as I was about to purchase the film, I noticed a shelf full of cameras called Fuji Instax Instant Camera.  Intrigued, I picked up a box and inspected it.  Though the Polaroid camera has gone the way of the dinosaur, the Fuji Instax is a new form of instant photography.  Though the photographs are about half the size of a Polaroid’s, I’m glad to see that instant photography is not altogether gone.  Sure, digital cameras can capture clear and amazing snapshots that can be doctored to look hyper-real, but sometimes it’s nice to have an instant memory.  I believe that instant photos are more arts-and-craftsy anyways, and these photos are the perfect scrapbook-size.  Anyways, after some deliberation, I bought the camera and two packs of film (forgoing the film for my Holga… I’ll get it another time).

On my way home via the MUNI, I read over the instructions and discovered that this camera is incredibly easy to use.  Instead of loading film by hooking a reel in with tiny slots, you load a film pack in by just sliding it into the back of the camera.  Though I haven’t found an opportunity to use it yet (I just bought it this morning and I’ve had a busy day and there are only 10 pictures to a pack of film so I don’t want to waste them) I’m excited to use my new camera tomorrow!  ❤


Written by noelani

April 21, 2010 at 8:09 pm

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