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No, not the car.  But that today is the last day of February!  I don’t know why it’s so shocking to me; I guess I just forgot that February has 28 days.  Also, February seems to have moved very slowly, so I’m shocked that it’s basically over.  So far I’ve posted faithfully to this blog for fifteen days, which is probably the longest I’ve ever stuck to one.  In the past I’ve made random blogs featuring things I wish I could have, or themed blogs (such as a rainbow-themed blog that only lasted one post, or a cheap and thrifty blog that I one day hope to continue) but I always forgot about them or got bored with them.  Since this blog is more about things that inspire me, I guess I’m more dedicated to it since there’s a lot out there that inspires me and I’m constantly seeking it out.

Thanks to those who have been regularly checking out my blog; so far I only have one confirmed “subscriber,” but hopefully there are more who (like me) just bookmark blogs they like and check them when they have free time.  I’m really enjoying posting to this blog, as well as seeing what people like/comment on.  Thanks for all your feedback so far, readers!  Keep it coming, because I love hearing what you have to say!  Life and all its beauty inspires me, and I’m glad you are all enjoying it too.  Love love.  ♥  (Oh, by the way, the picture of the car is just a random photo I liked from Holga… no relation to this post really, haha.)


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February 28, 2010 at 6:48 pm

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